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Stunning diy angel wings

Paper....versatile, and most of the time it’s free!

You can create so many amazing things with paper/cardboard and I’m going to show you just a few things I’ve made and how.

This is actually the second set I’ve made and so far my favourite, they look so beautiful, so here’s how....

you will need:

cardboard (the bigger the better)


pva glue



First choose the style you want your wings, if you’re not the artistic type you can find many images in Pinterest to go by, this time around I’ve chosen to create a heart shape when they are put together, then with cardboard you will need to cut your feathers.

this again is your choice of size and shape.

once you have enough to cover your wings start glueing them on, you need to start on the outer edge overlapping them slightly.

then comes the messy but fun bit, cut strips of newspaper and dip them in the pva glue mixed with water 60/40 solution begin to completely cover the wings ensuring you push into the grooves with a brush leaving no gaps.and when dry do the back I done 3 layers of newspaper then when it’s dry you can begin to paint them, I personally like the stone effect and built up the colour with 4 shades of grey until I was happy. now that it’s dry it’s solid enough to use screw in eyelets to hang and I think the end result is awesome!

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