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Whether it’s fabric, cardboard, wood ,furniture ..well safe to say almost anything can be repurposed, this not only saves our landfill it also gives a unique opertunity to own something a little, well,...unique. You can really get creative because anything goes! I’ve compiled a few of my recent/favourites

Zipper bracelet 

Simply trim away the fabric part of your zipper leaving just the teeth then in your choice of colour and design hand stitch beads to it, lastly add a clasp suitable to work with the pulley bit.


Don’t throw away those old jeans! 

Here’s why....

Cut 2 shapes, I chose a heart for this keyring then blanket stitch them together fill with toy stuffing and embellish this trim was part of a head band my daughter never wore you can stitch or glue it down but you will need to securely stitch where you put the loop for the keyring hoop and it’s as easy as that


A favourite of mine is this beautiful cuff taken from a seam approx an inch -2 inch in width with the seam down the centre, then with tweezers remove the cross grain threads leaving the lighter colour fringed with one I also put a lace layer underneath and attached a vintage brooch in the middle then finished with simple squeeze closed clasps found and most craft stores 

For the second one I stitched a chain and beads through the centre and attached a silver locket 

Cool the denim cat simple blanket stitch with contrasting pink thread , gingham heart and button detail 


Angel wings 

These angel wings are made completely of paper! 

Pictured above are the first stages. Take a cardboard box and open it up, cut off all outer flaps leaving you with the larger square pieces without bends in. Draw the wing shape and cut it out, you can make them in any size and shape you like  . Now take the remaining card and cut basic feather shapes in a range of sizes , they don’t all have to be exactly the same shape, place them on the wing shape and arrange them until you are happy with it and simply glue them in place. 

Once you have covered them paint them in your chosen colour


here I’ve taken a locally collected piece of driftwood (perks of living by the sea) 


This 1950s steamer trunk I picked up at a local auction house I sprayed all of the hardware in black gloss but this can be in whatever you like that will contrast well with your chosen paper  and has had steel hairpin legs added these were made by a relative but they can be easily sourced on eBay etc and you are left with a stunning and stylish storage solution  for any room and who doesn’t need more storage!


all you need for this project are a bottle/jar, chalk paint and whatever your chosen design needs to decorate. I chose to sponge my paint on rather than use a brush because I prefer the finish it gives, you will need to be patient as it’s not a quick process as you will need to paint in layers until it’s completely covered. I then use a Matt varnish to seal it before I move on to decorating. The heart in the bottle was carefully sanded to reveal the glass outline not all bottles are embossed this happens to be a lambrini  bottle but if you look around there a several brands that have a logo or design and it adds extra detail. I used natural twin around the top and bottom using pva glue I then used pearl beads and seashells to create a pretty design but let your imagination go wild as you can really do almost anything! 

You can play around with different effects I have chosen to highlight them in grey then added copper leaf highlights 

And here’s the finished result and I think you’ll agree, they create a beautiful wall feature! 

#handmade #recycle #upcycle #crafts #tutorial #papercraft #angelwings #repurposed

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