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Christmas crafts I’ve explored this year

Firstly I love Christmas as much as I love to create so combining the two for me is all good

Pictured below is my small window display of beautiful grey ombré trees it’s a time consuming one but the effect is well worth it just hundreds of felt shapes carefully glued onto  a cone that can be made of card polystyrene or whatever you can use to make the shape 

I’ve used card for mine and I’ve given them a longer taper just personal preference 

I used my die cutter with a flower shaped die and simply cut them in half to get my shape but you can make your own variation 

I also added white glitter fabric for the very tip 

Just have fun experimenting with colours and shape 

I’ve always been a fan of book art 

Above you will see two wreaths side by side the right picture is a wreath I came  across in a boutique style shop along with a steep price tag so me being me I couldn’t resist having a go

I don’t know about you but I think it’s worked out beautifully and how  you might ask

Here’s how I did it

you will need an entire book 

a glue gun

a frame this can be polystyrene etc

I actually used plastic frame found in Poundland with tinsel around it you just remove to tinsel and cover it in the same pages you will be using for the rest of it

Now you will need to cut the circles approx the size of a mug so you will get two circles from each page approx two hundred it’s a very long job by hand so I used my die cutter 

Once you have cut them all you will then add any colour or glitter as it would be difficult to do so afterwards 

I made a shallow layer of pva glue in a tub and another with the glitter  I then one by one roll the outer egde of the circles in the glue then into to glitter and set aside to dry

Once dry carefully crease them in and glue around the outer edge and work your way around until fully covered 

#christmascraft #christmasdiy #diydecor #bookpageart #papercrafts

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