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Hello and welcome to my blog!

A little bit about me,

I'm a mum of 5 (4 have flown the nest), i have some health issues which. Meant my working life in dementia care came to an end so....I decided to take a bit of time for me!

That was the moment I I knew how much I wanted my hobby to be more than that.

I have always enjoyed having a go at things,diy,sewing etc so i threw myself into it to keep busy and it has grown from there. I dont claim to be an authority on my techniques etc i just know what works for me.

Today i decided to have a go at sharing some of my craft techniques/tips and give a brief breakdown on some of the projects i have worked on whether it be for personal use or for my small craft business and maybe even inspire you to have a go yourself! if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message either via here,facebook or email


unfortunately i didnt take progress pics with these however it was a simple prep,sugar soap wash,sanded then paint with a good stain blocker as it avoids the need for multiple or more seemingly endless layers of chalk paint (i make my own more details on that to follow)

Allow the layers to dry between coats.

Now i moved on to the decoupaged top. there are so many beautiful designs out there to chose from, after removing the top layer of the napkin, if your not sure about using napkins you can also use decorative rice paper,wall paper etc.

i then mixed a few tbsp of water to pva glue and painted it on the surface of the table and waited a minute or 2 before carefully laying the tissue onto it trying to get it as smooth as possible smoothing out wrinkles carefully with a soft brush,

allow it to dry and paint over it with the remaining pva mix.Then i had to decide whether to distress or not but on this occasion i decided to sand it lightly giving a smooth finish then wax to seal and protect deffinately one of my favourites,

hope you have enjoyed my blog, upcoming blogs to include paper crafts.


#handcrafted #wood #decoupage #papercut #paperart #instructions #tutorial #flamingo #decopage #upcycle #shabbychic #chalkpaint

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