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spring clean!

Summer is here!! so WHY am i spring cleaning instead??? I know i can be rather particular although there are others that would call it o.c.d.

For me there is no better feeling than to know your home is in order, i find the more order there is at home the more efficient i am with my work. i've had a busy combination of keeping the kids happy, cleaning,and washing winter away from my back yard which was looking rather sorry for itself with empty pots and dusty chairs. Forgot to mention all of the evidence that i do my woodwork out there too.

With all that in mind i began with an algae remover which became my new found phobia of worm! they came up from the cracks in the paving stones and began to resemble a scene from an indiana jones movie, i could barely see any floor it was just a mass of worms!!! That was when i made the decision to RUN!!

Once dry they were gone phew, Anyway My latest projects are reclaimed wood tables on hairpin legs and a super cool cosplay meets steampunk bust with a "puzzling" twist! If you have any questions or views please feel free to hit the like button, pin what you like and sign up for our latest products and news

#spring #cleaning #craft #handmde

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