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Hello and welcome to the crafty mares first blog!! I'm sure i will get the hang of this...(eventually)

The purpose of this blog is to share stories and updates on our products and interests i will also be adding a how i made it section with useful hints and tips.

jigsaw heart

As a repurposer I’m always looking for ways to stop something going to landfill and I see so many jigsaw puzzles at the local recycling centre so I rescued one and got to work on what I could do with it and this is what transpired.

unfortunately I went at it without stopping to take pics or videos of the progress so I will have to just tell ya!

first I layer all the pieces down face up and sprayed them copper while they are drying cut a heart shape, I actually used the backing of an old picture frame a bit like the stuff on the back of flatpack furniture but you can use cardboard if you don’t have board. then I went digging through my craft drawers to see what I could use and I gathered up some antique brass clock pieces and some vintage jewellery that I picked up at the auction Alternatively you can get some lovely bits and pieces from the charity shops for next to nothing then start from the outer edge start assemble the pieces as you layer they will start to build up creating the shape and then you can start to put on your embellishments.

I would love to see it if you give it a try!

#craft #handmade #repurpose #tutorial #gifts

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